Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of MagenDeal
We are available from Mon – Fri (9:00-18:00) Email: mag@magendeal.com
We are ready to decide all legal questions into legal issues customer-oriented solutions. You may specify any questions concerning legal issues by phone at any time. Legislator obliges vendors and especially online vendors to inform their customers about their legal rights. We complied these instructions and other terms for you below.

1. Scope of regulation/Deadlines
1.1. Business dealings and deliveries are made exclusively under the following terms and conditions published on Web site of Internet shop magendeal.com. Other rules conflicting with Terms and conditions are not applied.
1.2. “Customer” is understood to be physical persons whose orders of goods cannot be attributed to commercial activity. Equally we take these Terms and conditions as dealings with entrepreneurs and commercial firms. Term “Customer” is applicable to either.
1.3. All deadlines are specified as working days, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

2. Registered users/Access/Resposibility/Licenses
2.1. The offers of MagenDeal are not freely available, and available only for registered users. To conclude a deal you can enter to society of customers of MagenDeal registering on the site as a buyer. The buyer takes rights of using of the services of MagenDeal. We provide a direct access to the services of MagenDeal by a protected password. Users have a right to use content of MagenDeal for their private noncommercial purposes.
2.2. The client takes responsibility for his (her) accurate and full information giving his (her) personal data that is necessary for registration. Contractor is obliged to keep personal information and do not give it any third parties. Confirmation of registration is followed after sending a request clicking on the buttom “Registration”.
2.3. The client is responsible for content he left in the resource MagenDeal into possibilities provided him by MagenDeal to place his content. The content should not infringe rights of third parties. The rights of storage or disclosure, or deletion, or correction of such content is not set by the user. If such content infringes legal requirements MagenDeal reserves the right of deletion or correction any content.
2.4. Any rights the user has he cannot transfer them to third parties.
2.5. The client should keep from any interferences of other web sites or further using data out of platform of MagenDeal. Attempts to receive unauthorized payments or other benefits in the prejudice of MagenDeal or other users may be a reason of access lockout.
2.6. Each client has the rights to have one account used on MagenDeal. MagenDeal reserves the rights to delete several registrations or users who infringe upon these provisions.
2.7. Registration on site as the customer is free and it be canceled by request of the customer at any time. You can cancel your registration in your user account or sending your request to email mag@magendeal.com.
2.8. Assortment and prices of goods may be changed. MagenDeal reserves the right to stop or change any proposals. All completed contracts remain in force at the moment of filling out of the order or conclusion of the deal.

3. Option Storage and print of Terms and conditions
3.1 You may use the text of Terms and conditions clicking on Print and save this document.
3.2 You also can save all details of your order additionally on the final page of ordering in your user account or wait for an email with confirmation of the order. The confirmation can be saved and printed via email service.
3.3. Your order information is saved by us. In your user account you may see details and status of all orders you completed. Any information is confidential and PD Trade is obliged not to give it third parties.

4. Contract, language and conclusion of the contract
4.1. Your contractor is firm MagenDeal.
4.2. A contract of our Internet shop can be concluded only in English. You may find translation of the contract, the contract in original language, and an accompanying document for customs purposes in English are send by us via email after conclusion of the contract.
4.3. Our promotional offers are not binding unless otherwise agreed or announced.
4.4. Clicking on the buttom “Confirm order” you place your order of goods in your shopping cart. Confirmation follows at once after the final step of the order.
4.5. Contract is consider to be concluded after receiving the confirmation of the order and may be canceled by the buyer in a one-way fashion not more than after delivery of the order.
4.6. All goods remarked “Available” are sending for 2-5 working days. Pay attention that delivery of goods is realized after the final payment of the order. If the payment is not appeared for 9 days the order may be canceled.

5. Prices and delivery cost
5.1. Customer can choose the way of delivery among ones proposed on site. Shipping cost will be presented in your shopping cart. If you prefer to have another way, contact us by email or phone to discuss this.

6. Payment/Delivery
6.1. Client can choose comfortable way of the payment among ways indicated on site.
6.2. Price of goods is fixed on date of the order, if the payment is not realized during 14 days and if the price was changed the cost of the order is consider to be invalid.
6.3. We use service of DHL Packet or Deutsche Post to deliver parcels.
6.4. We deliver goods remarked “Available” immediately after receiving the payment or possibly within maximum 7 working days.
6.5. Delivery terms of several purchases depend on suppliers and manufacturers, we deliver such kind of ones within 30 days. Different delivery terms will be determined during order processing.
6.7. We obliged to provide goods from our stock or goods we ordered direct from producers of these goods.
6.8. Responsibility from our side of deliver is not realized if we cannot provide well-timed by reason of absence of these goods in stock and we inform of that fact. In this case we return advanced payment immediately by request of the customer.
6.9. Time of shipment should be changed if insuperable obstacles and act of providence as convulsions of nature, lock-outs, official sanctions, energy gap, problems of transport, unpredictable sickness of a specialist, fire, flood and other. We obliged to inform the customer of the moment of the beginning this event and the end of it. In case if negotiation is not possible during 4 weeks, the client has the right to withdraw from the deal.
6.10. Buyer is not responsible for risk of accidental damage or smash or disappearance of goods by reason of guilty of shipper. Cargo is assured by a sender.