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  • Will the new Apple Watch push the original Sleep Tracking feature?

    AppleWatch is the best health monitoring device in Apple’s original plant, although the latest Series 4 has been equipped with ECG electrocardiographic functions of a number of medical devices beyond the reach of rivals. However, the sleep tracking function for sleep status monitoring seems to be absent all the time – although the built-in function
  • Exploring the New Start of Apple Watch in the Future

    When talking about Apple, I believe nobody will ignore Apple Watch. After the first generation of stereotyping, then the second generation of improvement, and then the third generation of maturity, it finally released the fourth year of major updates, from inside to outside, screen to chip updates. As a new type of device, Apple Watch
  • Take the United States as the benchmark, go out to ask and issue TicWatch C2

    On February 26, a new product appraisal meeting was held. There are three color matching options: Suikong Black, Star Silver and Rose Gold. Rose gold matching is specially designed for female users. In addition to matching more suitable for women, this version of crown also uses unique carving technology, and can choose a more elegant