Apple Watch’s path to health may lead to sleep tracking by 2020!

Apple watch has been working to improve people’s lifestyles and make them healthier. Its name is translated literally as an Apple watch, but it can’t be regarded as a simple watch. It should be called a wearable device. It realizes many intelligent functions and goes further and further on the road of health.

Recently, it has been reported that Apple Watch will develop a sleep tracking function, which is expected to be implemented in 2020 and added to watches. Apple acquired a maker of sleep monitoring hardware in 17 years, so it’s not surprising that it will develop sleep tracking. However, to achieve this function, there will certainly be new requirements for the duration. The current suggestion of charging before going to bed is obviously not applicable. Would it introduce a sleep mode? All of this will be unveiled by 2020.

In fact, before that, Apple had been very health-conscious, had launched such activities as running, not doing so. In February this year, the first Apple Watch Challenge Competition was held, and different fitness activities will be rewarded accordingly. Exercise and fitness are the most reliable way to health.

In addition to events, Apple Watch has been promoting healthy lifestyles, such as sports and health monitoring, in terms of its functionality. It can remind users and help them keep good habits. And collocation software provides many sports choices. Users can set a goal for themselves, allowing Apple watch to monitor our sports and maintain good habits. Although it can’t directly help us exercise like a treadmill, it can play a very good supervisory role.

In addition, Series 4 has reached the level of monitoring heart rate. When abnormalities occur, it will automatically send out early warning and even call for help. There is also a very dazzling function, that is, as long as the finger is placed on the crown for 30 seconds, ECG testing and analysis can be completed. And the generated results will also be stored on the IOS device, which is convenient for finding abnormalities in time and also for medical treatment.

It’s not hard to see that Apple Watch’s path to health is moving forward, and has achieved some results. Doctors can treat diseases and give you health. Apple watch can test your health and ensure that you see a doctor in time when you are in an abnormal situation. Obviously, its function is practical, and it really guides you on the road of health.

Don’t dwell on “watches that can be called” anymore. Are you interested in a watch that can help monitor your health? People pay great attention to health, so is its monitoring appropriate? Sleep is also crucial to health. Are you interested in Apple Watch’s sleep tracking feature that will be implemented in 2020? Or do you have any other opinion about this function? Welcome to discuss.

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