You don’t know that it doesn’t matter if Microsoft makes a bracelet because it stops supporting immediately.

For some time, Microsoft was very interested in mobile devices. In addition to Windows Phone, which everyone knows, Microsoft also made other products, such as Microsoft Band, or bracelets. If you don’t stop this product, I’m afraid many friends don’t know that Microsoft used to make bracelets.

In fact, Microsoft made bracelets earlier, as early as 2014, Microsoft released the first generation of Microsoft Band, which can connect to Microsoft Health to provide health data. However, for most domestic users, it seems that they have not heard of it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, because Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band

Now Microsoft has shut down Microsoft Health Dashboard, which is an important part of Microsoft Bank. In addition, Microsoft Band applications have also been removed from the major application market, Microsoft has clearly no longer supported Microsoft Band.

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