In the future, the new Apple Watch may add sleep monitoring functions, and its continuity is expected to be enhanced.

At present, many smart bracelets on the market have the function of sleep monitoring. For example, Fitbit-Huawei. But even with the latest Apple Watch Series 4, Apple still doesn’t have sleep monitoring. If you want Apple Watch to be your sleep assistant, you need the help of third-party applications, but only recently.

Apple is currently experimenting with the next generation of Apple Watch’s sleep monitoring sensors. The aim is to add native sleep monitoring to future products. If it goes well, the new watch will be available to us as soon as next year. From the first generation to the fourth generation. From GPS positioning to ECG ECG function, we can see Apple’s efforts on EAppe Watch. Why Apple doesn’t add sleep monitoring to Apple Watch has been hotly discussed as early as 2016, and one of the arguments is hard to refute. Aren’t they charging at night? In this case, the sleep monitoring function can’t work at all, because the product itself is designed to act as an alarm clock watch by the way.

So it’s predictable that Apple will redesign the next generation of Apple Watch batteries to improve its endurance if it does have sleep monitoring capabilities.

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