Will the new Apple Watch push the original Sleep Tracking feature?

AppleWatch is the best health monitoring device in Apple’s original plant, although the latest Series 4 has been equipped with ECG electrocardiographic functions of a number of medical devices beyond the reach of rivals. However, the sleep tracking function for sleep status monitoring seems to be absent all the time – although the built-in function of N is related to sleep time. Recently, some foreign media have received news that Apple seems to have begun to launch the original “Sleep Tracking” in the new Apple Watch, and the expected time is set for 2020.

Will the new Apple Watch push the original Sleep Tracking feature?

In fact, there are a lot of applications for sleep tracking now, and some of them appear in the App Store of Apple Watch. Even as early as around the time of the iPhone 4, it seems that there are similar products that allow mobile phones to be placed in bed while charging to detect the state of sleep. The need for new models and the need to wait until next year to see such a product are said to be associated with battery life. After all, if you want to monitor in a non charged state, it is certain that the endurance of smart watches should be more powerful so that they can monitor the physiological data at all times. Sleep tracking applications in factories.

In the future, maybe we will also see Apple try to use hardware and software solutions (similar to the use of small cores to achieve more power-saving effect of the Lulong Wear 3100?) In order to make the wearing device more energy-efficient at a specific time, and then provide tracking of specific health functions, health monitoring for users should also be more effective. Let’s look forward to the advent of Apple Watch with stronger health functions.

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