Take the United States as the benchmark, go out to ask and issue TicWatch C2

On February 26, a new product appraisal meeting was held. There are three color matching options: Suikong Black, Star Silver and Rose Gold.

Rose gold matching is specially designed for female users. In addition to matching more suitable for women, this version of crown also uses unique carving technology, and can choose a more elegant 18 mm strap.

At the same time, the publication of watches was accompanied by the launch of “Dai Yan Plan” to try to cooperate with more cutting-edge artists and designers to launch a joint cooperative dial, so that users can have a richer choice of dials to cope with more occasions. In addition, TicWatch C2 also has built-in couple dials for couples to choose from.

TicWatch C2 has a lightweight fuselage, but also built-in 400 mAh capacity battery, go out and ask TicWatch C2 to support Time Only intelligent power-saving mode, when the watch is in low power, it will automatically switch to energy-saving mode, save the maximum power, the official said that the watch lasts for 2 days. In addition, TicWatch C2 also supports IP68 waterproof level and can be worn while swimming.

TicWatch C2 as a smart watch, the biggest advantage is that it has scalability in software. At present, there are 10 categories of independent watch applications in the shop, which are available for users to choose from. They include not only WeChat, Alipay and other essential applications, but also audio applications such as NetEase cloud music and Himalaya FM, which can be used with TicPods without connection. Pick up your cell phone.

Going out to ask questions has accumulated technology in the field of AI for many years, and its AI assistant Quiz also provides more functions in TicWatch C2. This includes the negative screen of smart card information push, TicMotion agility (automatic detection of the user’s motion status, support automatic start running timing), 24-hour heart rate monitoring and so on. In addition to the above functions, TicWatch C2 also has built-in NFC functions to support UnionPay flash and bus cards.

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